Results: Measurable Growth Through Resourceful Thinking

Strong results are born of a strong foundation. To this end, the Seamans portfolio of products has one overarching mandate — to find investments that can or will generate rising levels of free sustainable cash flow and positive, long-term returns. To meet this mandate, we design each product with a distinct and discrete investment objective and income goal, and we draw on our global network’s extraordinary depth of market knowledge to help us anticipate and respond to shifting economic conditions as they occur—keeping our clients and investments aligned.

Our focus is well-defined and our strategies have been successfully implemented over time. Our goal isn’t to be first in a sector, but to position ourselves advantageously in order to reap the benefits from rapid growth.

We understand our market at the most granular level, and we analyze the individual businesses that compose each sector to determine the best opportunities for our clients.

  • Full Cycle Investors
  • Cash-flow positive Investments